Exclusive Wonder-products

Written by Linda Durham

Published 2019 by The Wonder Institute Press

softcover, 60 pages

10 x 8 inches, 25 x 20 cm

Book Design by White Cat Design

Production Editor Leah Naxon

Journal entries, emails, Facebook posts, and images from a Russian adventure.




Essays on Awe and Wonder from The Wonder Institute

Published 2015 by The Wonder Institute softcover, 90 pages

5 x 8 inches, 13 x 20cm

eight beautiful color illustrations


Essays by Bruce Berger, Allison Emily Choe, Jane Candia Coleman, Sandra Filippucci, Olga Garcia Echeverria, Beneth Goldschmidt-Sauer, Jill Koenigsdorf, and Anna Scotti.


Artwork by Orlando Liebovitz, James Havard, Richard Kurtz, Alexandra Eldridge, Sheila Miles, Madison Cawein, Jaff Noël Seijas, and Nolan Winkler.





Two years ago, I took a special course on THE MYSTICS.  They and their teachings and philosophies fascinated and inspired me.  It was about that time when I “invented” the word “OptiMystic”.


I read and collected and memorized many quotes by Thomas Merton, St. Therese of Lisieux, Rumi and others…Soon I expanded my “collection” to include wisdom by many wise and well-known contemporary thinkers like Bob Dylan and Maya Angelou...


This first OptiMystic deck includes 42 cards with thoughtful, optimistic quotes by 39 timeless “mystics”.  Each quote is printed over a selection of serene and or mysterious images taken either at The Wonder Institute or on one of my travels to strange and exotic destinations like Turkey or Myanmar. 


These are not (actually) fortune-telling cards…Or are they???  One can shuffle through the cards and read them like a book  or read them one day at a time for inspiration or to find clarity on a personal issue. 


They make WONDERful gifts!    


Wonder Postcards - 10 pack

Take part in our ongoing Wonder Postcard Project!
This is a packet of 10 wonder postcards, pre-stamped, ready for you and your friends to send your secret, anonymous wonders out to the world!
See our projects page for more information and to see cards we've already received.


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